Williamston Community Schools search for new superintendent

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Today and Tuesday, the Williamston Board of Education will be conducting their first round of interviews for superintendent.

Their current superintendent, Narda Murphy, will be retiring this year.  Until the replacement is found, she will maintain the position the next few months.

Janet Eidt, the board’s executive assistant since 1979, said she is used to how everything works, including the ways of choosing a new superintendent.

“The system has always been similar every year. I’ve been here awhile, and it has never has been anything but a smooth process,” Eidt said.

Through much discussion and evaluation, the finalists were chosen for the position after matching up qualifications with the requirements.

“Our board individually went through applications received and then chose the final five people who are being interviewed this next coming week,” Eidt said.

The board is made up of diverse people with various backgrounds. Trustee Dr. Christopher Lewis has been a part of the board of education since the fall of 2016.

Being a father of two children, picking the right superintendent is crucial to his children’s future educational development.

The hallways of one of the two elementary schools in Willamston, that soon will have a new superintendent.

The hallways of one of the two elementary schools in Willamston, that soon will have a new superintendent.

“From a father’s point of view, my children’s education is the most important thing on my mind all the time. The person leading the school district has a huge impact on the helm of the next step in their educational journey,” Lewis said.

He emphasized the need for a strong leader who can direct both the staff and community in possible future endeavors.

To find qualified people for the superintendent position, the Board follows their own set of instructions.

President of the Board of Education, Greg Talberg, explained how there is multiple outlets of how their set of standards are determined.

“We surveyed our staff, did research on the candidates, and also have our own set standards of characteristics we look for as a board,” Talberg said.

After doing these things, that is how the final five candidates were determined. As a board, they are all committed to achieving the same thing with their final superintendent pick.

“We are looking for someone who is searching and striving for student achievement and someone who will lead the schools in the direction we are already headed.  We want someone who is a good fit for both the schools and the community,” Talberg said.

The interviews are open to the public and will take place in the Williamston Middle School multi-purpose room, this Monday and Tuesday.

The schedule of interview times and candidates can be found here.

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