Sex Expo held by the University Activities Board

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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Michigan State’s University Activities Board held a Sex Expo to educate students. The expo was held Friday, February 17 at the Union from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Caroline Poole, UAB event programmer, said that it is difficult attracting students to educational events.

“We really wanted that engaging component but we also wanted it to be educational,” Poole said. “So we kind of came up with the idea of doing an event about sex because everyone can relate to that.”

UAB partnered with Delta Lambda Phi fraternity to host the event and brought out representatives from ASMSU, MSU safe place, and Olin health center to engage with students in games and fun facts.

Nathan Fox, Vice President of Delta Lambda Phi, said his fraternity was responsible for games like sex phrase and sex jeopardy.

Students playing sex jeopardy

Students playing sex jeopardy

Alessandra Alvares-Paines, freshman, said she enjoyed the games provided by the fraternity and learned some new things.

“I’ve learned phrases for things like the actual term names and I’m learning about other ways to keep safe sex,” Paines said.

Poole said the topics and terms discussed like sex and consent were necessary.

“If they know someone or they have been sexually assaulted, they know what to do and where to go and they can feel safe at M-S-U.”

Fox said providing students a space to discuss topics that matter to them is important to both UAB and the fraternity.

The mission of UAB and DLP in general is to pull people together and give them an opportunity to take time away from class and focus on the social aspect of college,” Fox said.

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