MSU student government tries to strike balance in campus events

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The Associated Students of Michigan State University invites guests on campus each semester. The processes differ depending on whether the guest is a speaker or an artist.

Sam Terzich is the point person for speakers and concerts with ASMSU, which means that he does all the work that it takes to get them onto Michigan State’s campus.

ASMSU is responsible for visitors such as Seth Meyers in the fall of 2015, and Dan and Shay in the fall of 2016.

When it comes to planning events with guest speakers, Terzich said that the process is quite simple.

“I really just tell them a time and a date, hotel stay and transportation logistics and then make sure that they have the material that they need,” Terzich said.

The process for setting up such events with an artist is a lot more difficult according to Terzich.

“We need to be able to provide very specific menu items, very specific furniture and surroundings,” he said. “I’ve seen writers be as detailed as how the humidity can be in the green room.”

When deciding whom to invite on campus, Terzich must be careful of bringing someone that could offend certain groups of students.

“We work very closely with the Council of Racial and Ethnic Students and the Council of Progressive Students,” Terzich said. “Normally I will select a speaker to bring and then I’ll reach out to a group that I think would attend it just to engage participation, and I reach out to ‘the other side’ if you will, to see if they would want to attend or if they have any thoughts on it.”

ASMSU is not the only organization that is able to invite guests to campus.

Student organizations are able to bring anybody they want to campus, so long as they agree within their organization. However, they have a much simpler process to go about than ASMSU.

“They only need to book rooms and state a reason for it,” Terzich said. “We have to gain approval from multiple departments such as MSU Police, Student Affairs and General Counsel.”

As of late, Terzich has been working on something quite different for Mental Health Awareness week, which is the week of March 27th.

“There are going to be, hopefully a couple of speakers on that Tuesday that will be engaging the students,” Terzich said. “It’s going to be a little different. The speakers will be more interactive with students.”

Terzich is also hard at work planning the spring concert to end the spring semester.

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