Meet Ingham County’s new sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth

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Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth

Devan Carmody

Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth

A couple of months into his job as Ingham County Sheriff, Scott Wriggelsworth said, “There definitely is a lot of responsibility to my job and, being from the outside in, literally everything I touch is brand new so there is going to be a long curve for Andy Bouck (undersheriff) and I. I think we need to just take it one step at a time. We’re trying to make improvements in the efficiency of the organization.”

Wriggelsworth was elected in November.

Lt. James Campbell, of the East Lansing Police Department, spoke highly of his former coworker, stating, “He is a very hard worker and creative thinker. There was never any doubt; never any question that he wouldn’t get done what needed to get done and I’m sure he’ll bring that over to the sheriff’s department as well.”

The Wriggelsworth name is nothing new to the County Sheriff’s Department. The former sheriff of 28 years, Gene Wriggelsworth, is proud of his eldest son.

“It’s historic in Michigan for the sheriff’s son to directly succeed him. That’s pretty interesting as well. Not only am I proud of the fact that my son was able to do that, but he also set a record,” said Gene Wriggelsworth.

Off duty, Sheriff Wriggelsworth is a normal citizen, husband, and father of 4. In his spare time he works out and runs marathons with his wife, Melissa, and attends his children’s school sporting events. Prior to the election he was on the school board for six years and had been a volunteer coach in the county schools. As a man of the community, he is very involved in the Hunter Club of Greater Lansing, which raises money for families of fallen police and fire officers in the tri-county area.

His new tenure as sheriff has been a learning process. As for the most surprising aspect of the position, “how often I get requests to do things. People always want me to make appearances at their events. There are a lot of community events that people like to see the sheriff at and I’m trying to do most of those.”

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