Local activists weigh in on President Trump

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Non-profit organizers in Detroit are anxious about the new president’s policies and how they will affect their activism.

Terry Canty, founder of the Triple T Foundation, an organization that helps at-risk youth, said he is worried about the uncertainty around the new administration.

“You never know what he’s going to do,” Canty said. “They always cut the programs for the kids in the inner city.”

You can watch the full interview with Canty below.

The foundation has helped many young men like Kareem Johnson, who expressed his love for the boxing training he gets at Triple T. But having someone like Trump in office didn’t leave a positive mindset for Johnson and the future of the organization.

“I think President Trump is more concentrated on himself and his businesses and helping himself grow,” Johnson said. “He’s not to focused on small communities, small businesses and small foundations.”

You can watch the full interview with Johnson below.

Other organizations like The Helping Hand Foundation, which helps drug addicts in Detroit, also shared some of the same concerns about Trump being in office.

Frank Jones, a member of the organization, said that the situation with Trump is a “crisis” and that economic inequalities will deepen during his Presidency.

“We could really be in a situation with him being our Chief of Commander and not caring about our community,” Jones said. “I can wake up tomorrow and he can have our building boarded up.”

You can listen to Jones’ interview below.

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