Craft coffee soon to hit downtown DeWitt

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The crafted bean 2

On Feb. 13, downtown DeWitt will be home to a new craft coffee shop owned by 31-year-old Justin Hartig.

“My goal is to kind of change the culture of coffee,” said Hartig, “to kind of put a little edge to the coffee shop scene.”

The Crafted Bean will have a modern atmosphere with a 50’s twist to it. Using vinyl records provided by East Lansing’s “The Record Lounge,” Hartig plans to cover the floor with them to add to the shop’s character.

“I had notebooks full of different ideas,” said Hartig. “I scanned trends. I wanted to be ahead of the curve and make the environment reflect me, instead of the other way around.”

Residents of DeWitt express their excitement through the shop’s Facebook page as updates, pictures, and teasers are posted for the community to see.

Abbie Mullins, originally from Grand Ledge, moved to DeWitt with her family after living out of state for 10 years.

“We lived in a small town called Crystal Lake,” said Mullins. “We became friends with many of the local business owners and shopping local is very important to us.”

Before moving to DeWitt, Mullins and her family had a favorite local coffee roaster and hopes that The Crafted Bean will be another place to meet friends and make memories.

“A coffee shop is not just a local business serving hot beverages to its customers. It’s a place to meet, gather, spend time as a family, conduct work for some, and to connect with others in your community.”

Bonnie Ward is especially excited to see such a unique addition to the familiar downtown, especially being a resident of DeWitt for 76 years.

“I love coffee shops,” said Ward, “and this one is only one block from my house. The nearest coffee shop is two miles away. I can’t wait for them to open and I think they’ll do well here.”

The crafted bean

Matching the excitement of the community, Hartig expressed his excitement for the merchandise sold alongside of the coffee, including mugs and other apparel.

“Everything that isn’t coffee in the shop is probably going to outsell the coffee itself. Though a lot of time, money, and research went into creating quality coffee, we want to embody a culture” said Hartig.

As a final heads up to future customers, Hartig advises them to keep an eye out for “Pretty Boy Floyd,” a health-inspired coffee cocktail in which he’s excited to release, named after his favorite old-time bank robber.

“When Pretty Boy Floyd comes out within the next three weeks or so, I think customers are really going to enjoy it.”


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