City Council, School Board honors Mason’s heroes

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Amy Sue Hopkins shaking hands with Angela Madden.

Nicholas K. Stahl

Amy Sue Hopkins being awarded at Joint Recognition Ceremony.

The Mason Board of Education and the Mason City Council jointly recognized some of Mason’s outstanding citizens Feb. 6. The Joint Recognition Ceremony honored citizens who went above and beyond to help others. The School Board joined the City Council at the end of a regular meeting for the ceremony. The City Council meeting covered the approval of $362,617.98 in bills, the adoption of a 30-year Consumers Energy ordinance and the handling of a recent attempted abduction case.

The City Council meeting was 22 minutes long while the Recognition Ceremony was an hour. Two people attended the meeting while about 60 were there for the Recognition Ceremony.

The Recognition Ceremony involved many groups, students and citizens being honored for their achievements in the community.

“It’s really great that the city and school board gets together to do this,” said School Board Member Christopher Mumby. “The students get well-deserved recognition for what they do.”

Honored groups may designate a day to recognize their achievements. The groups included New Coveted Christian School, Mason High School band, girls golf, football, girls soccer, volleyball and cross country.

Among individuals awarded were Amy Sue Hopkins for saving her colleague from choking, and Teresa Bell for more than 10 years of service as bookkeeper for the community.

“It’s my fourth time being recognized,” said Bell. “I love community service so it’s not for the recognition. It is really great to be honored and appreciated.”

The next Joint Recognition Ceremony will occur in May.

At the Council Meeting, the approval of bills involved $258,332.52 to Grand River Construction for wastewater improvements, $28,831.53 to Granger for refuse services and $20,567.71 to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Other utilities and service made up for the remainder.

Mason's City Council, as elected in November,  left to right. Michael Waltz, Elaine Ferris, Jon Droscha (back), Russ Whipple, Rita Vogel, Marlon Brown and Angela Madden.

Nicholas K. Stahl

Mason's City Council, as elected in November, left to right. Michael Waltz, Elaine Ferris, Jon Droscha (back), Russ Whipple, Rita Vogel, Marlon Brown and Angela Madden.

“We like to get things done,” said Council Member Michael Waltz. “We’re an effective team.”

The second reading and adoption of a 30-year Consumers Energy ordinance went without any dispute. The last adoption was on December 15, 1986. This gives Consumers Energy the right to lay, maintain and operate gas mains in the City of Mason for another 30 years.

The handling of an attempted abduction case that occurred on Jan. 1 was headed by City Administrator, Deborah Stuart. The release of info to the public was on Jan. 10.

“There were some problems associated with how it was handled as far as the amount of detail gathered,” said Stuart. “We weren’t confident that it had actually occurred at the time.”

Since the release of information, persons of interest have been identified. One individual with multiple sex offender violations has been arrested. Police continue to work on the case.

“We will continue to learn from these situations,” said Stuart.

The next City Council meeting will be on Feb. 20.

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