CATA shopping bus service funding requested

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CATA is looking to expand its shopping bus service.

Emily Liebau

CATA is looking to expand its shopping bus service.

At the CATA Local Advisory Committee meeting on Feb. 8, the shopping bus service was at the top of the agenda. Director of Operations Andrew Brieschke said the shopping bus is targeted primarily toward senior citizens, taking them from apartment complexes to one-stop shops such as Meijer and Kroger. The shopping bus runs Monday through Friday with a $2 fare for a round trip.

The 2018 Fiscal Year Specialized Services Service Description stated, “CATA is requesting $50,000 for the Shopping Bus service. The shopping bus serves East Lansing, and the Townships of Meridian, Delhi, and Lansing.”

The budget is based on previous budgets and typically is the same each year. Ericka Hartigan, CATA grants administrator, said the Michigan Department of Transportation requires CATA to apply to the state for funding. Based on the application, it is then processed and reviewed by MDOT.

The service is projected to serve 8,830 people and travel 15,965 miles within the year. CATA’s, Craig Frazier said he has been riding the shopping bus to talk to travelers on where they like to go and how they like the service. CATA is looking to add another bus to the route.

“I expect to see some momentum in getting the bus rather soon,” said Brieschke. “The idea is not to get a vehicle for a vehicle, the idea is to suit the needs of its customers.”

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