The plan for Realize Cedar

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The Delhi Township has been planning for a new downtown area on Cedar Street for project known as “Realize Cedar”. The timeline for when the project will be started and completed is still vague because it is still in the planning stages.

“The Township plans to begin working on engineering for some of the public infrastructure parts of the project in 2017,” said Miller. Although actual implementation of this would not start until 2018.

The community members hope that the downtown area will become more popular, and more shops and restaurants will open when this project is done. However, many of the community members do not know or are confused about the plan for Cedar street and the “revamping” of the downtown area.

Community Members on Realize Cedar

According to Holt residents and the township Lt. Dennis Hull, Cedar Street is the main road through the township and is quite busy. This could mean that the redevelopment of the downtown area could add to the high traffic on the street.

The plan for Realize Cedar was designed by McKenna & Associates for the Township. According to Tracy Miller, director of the Department of Community Development, the plan is a document that shows the vision for the community.

The plan is available here.

The project will take place all along Cedar St. from Willoughby Road to College Road, which can be seen in the google maps link here.

The hope for the redevelopment is that Holt become a more community friendly area with restaurants, shopping, services and housing.

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