Students conflicted at election watch party

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Michigan State students gather at election parties around campus on election night. Gabrielle Johnson talks to two Spartans about their views of each candidate.



Q. How have you kept track of the election?

Meyoni Heard: Internet and social media because it’s how we operate.

Q.Do you feel like people are taking the election serious on the internet?

Heard: I feel like they are taking it serious. I feel like our candidates are jokes so that’s how people are portraying it on social media. They are just voicing their opinions in a funny matter.

Q. Do you feel like talking to your peers helps to understand each side better?

Heard: To an extent, it opens your view on other candidates that you may not believe in. But at the end of the day, neither one of them are going to be good for our country. One is blatantly disrespectful to women, to our country. The other one is just lying and has all this background stuff that is now airing.

Q. Why are you not excited about watching this election?

Lamont Gentle: I’m not excited because both parties are not good and Trump is winning the election. I’m not surprised about it. I’ve seen a lot of people that support Trump so I’m not surprised he’s winning. But it definitely angers me because I didn’t want this to happen.

Q. Why is Donald Trump not good for America?

Gentle: He is lenient towards what he already is, which is rich. He doesn’t like the people who don’t have what he already has. He’s just going to leave all the crabs that’s in the bucket there. He’s not going to let us come from where we are as a community.


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