MSU students for Trump weigh in on election

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Word cloud of words most mentioned by Trump's supporters.

Word cloud of words most mentioned by Trump’s supporters.


“This election is different because of the intensity. Both candidates are strongly disliked by the vast majority, and even people representing the same party have been torn apart. Regardless of the result, I have a bad feeling that these next four years could do irreversible damage.”
-Sammi Williams, 18, Freshman Undecided Major from Rocky River, Ohio

“I am ‘supporting’ Trump. This election shows how as a country our judgment has fallen in the people we nominate, and the quality. One of them has a shady past, the other has no relevant experience and has gotten where he is because he’s rich and polarizing.”
-Ian Fall, 18, Freshman Business Major, Hanover, NH

“I believe that people like to have the final say, especially in our generation. Everyone hates being proven wrong, and proving people wrong is what people thrive off of. Especially with social media people love arguing over Facebook and Twitter which is what they want their friends and followers to see. I also believe [the election is controversial] because we have two very different candidates. On one hand we have a man who just decided to run for office and has no experience in politics whatsoever and expresses his opinions without any thought. On the other, we have a woman who has been in politics for such a long time, however has not really done anything significant in during her tenure and tends to lie a lot.”
-Brandi Middleton, 19, Sophomore Physiology Major, Essexville, Mich.

“I find Trump to be offensive and ill-suited for office, and I’m not comfortable with him representing America on the world stage.”
-Johann Marasigan, 23, Senior Media & Information Major, Birmingham, Mich.

“I support republican because of my morals, mostly because of religious beliefs. I agree most with what the republican group.”
-Ashley Wardlow, 19, Sophomore Marketing Major, Gregory, Mich.

“I don’t think that I was given a good opportunity for this first election to dive into it. There was too much drama. The candidates just focused on bashing each other rather than the real issues. It is a shame that this the first election that I had to vote in. ”
-Nick Stevens, 18, Freshman Advertising Major, Waterford, Mich.

“I think it is important to vote because women fought really hard for our suffrage,” Moraitis said. “Especially being a young woman, I think it’s important to voice my opinion.”
-Jillian Moraitis, 18, Freshman Business Major, Northville, Mich.

“I think it important to vote based on the vice president too because Lord only knows what kind of impeachments or assassinations are coming our way.”
-Benjamin Voermans, 20, Junior Economics  Major, Chicago, Ill.

“I’m voting for Donald Trump because I like that he is aggressive with what he says. I agree with his policies concerning taxes and immigration. I do have a feeling that Hillary Clinton is going to win though, and it sucks.”
-Julia Chudler, 18, Freshman Pre-Nursing Major, Novi, Mich.

“I’m not registered, but if I was I’d vote for Trump because he has good people surrounding him.”
-Abby Monson, 20, Junior Advertising Major, Lakeville, MN

“I’m very excited because it’s a very big and controversial election. However, at the same time social media has completely ruined the election for me.”
-Kelsey Lilley, 20, Sophomore Business Major, Rochester Hills, Mich.

“It’s insane that we have narrowed it down to these two candidates, they are both awful” -Colleen McConnell , 21 , Junior Communications Major, Wilmette, Illinois

“This is one of the most important elections for our generation as the two major candidates have extremely different view points on what direction they would like to steer the future of the country in. This is really important as this is the first time as most current college students are going to be able to vote for the first time. This allows us as the youngest generation to finally have a say in who we believe is the right fit. It is really important that we make the right choice here.”
-Neeraj Patel, 19, Freshman Mechanical Engineer Major, Troy, Michigan

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