MSU students behind Clinton weigh in on election

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Word Cloud of most-mentioned words by Clinton's supporters.

Word Cloud of most-mentioned words by Clinton’s supporters.


“(Clinton) is not perfect, but she’s nothing that hasn’t been in our office before. She’s extremely qualified and while she isn’t my first choice, she is better than her opponent.”
-Steven Lott, 21, Senior Plant and Environmental Biology Major, Detroit, Mich.

Alexis Barajas, 19, Sophomore Hospitality Business Major, Detroit, Mich. supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Alexis Barajas

“At the end of the day, Trump being President would result in more steps backwards than forwards. Am I thrilled that Hillary is my other choice? No, but she at least has the qualifications to keep our country on an upward trend, not holding on for dear life.”
-Alexis Barajas, 19, Sophomore Hospitality Business Major, Detroit, Mich.

“I’m not happy with the two choices we have as presidential candidates, but Hilary Clinton was close to Obama for both of his terms. Therefore, I will agree with the actions she takes in office more than Donald Trump.”
Kara Ruffin, 19, Sophomore Kinesiology Major, Chicago, Ill.


Ally Skrzypczak, 19

“To me, my biggest concern with Donald Trump is his foreign policy plan. I believe that our founding fathers built this country off immigration and he wants to cut every immigrant off immediately, which does not make sense to me. I firmly believe that if people want to escape their country because of how poorly mistreated they have been or wars that are taken place they should be allowed to come through a tough process. If America was going through what other third-world countries are going through, we would want our children to live the same opportunities and have a great life. I believe Hillary is more accepting of this, which is why I side with her on this.”
-Ally Skrzypczak, 19, Sophomore Premedical Major, Pinconning, Mich.

“I’ll be genuinely scared if Hillary Clinton does not win, all of the good things Clinton is going to build and create on the blocks of the Obama Administration will be destroyed.”
-Natasha Sprau, 22, Graduate Student in Social Work, Taylor, Mich.

“I supported Clinton because of our agreeance on social issues. A big part of this is that I’m gay, and I like how she wants to make marriage equality a law.”
-Janelle Moulding , 24, Graduate Student in Clinical Social Work, Southfield, Mich.

“It was important for me to vote because every person makes an impact. I think would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t use my rights.”
-Raven Jefferson, 19, Sophomore Packaging Major, Southfield, Mich.

“This was the first election I was old enough to vote in, I am excited because this is something I have watched adults do forever. I am nervous to walk in to the polls but I want my voice to be heard.”
-Josh Radom, 18, Freshman Communications Major, Huntington Woods, Mich.

“I absolutely will not vote for Trump. The way he speaks about women and those of different racial groups is ridiculous. Personally I don’t necessarily think either candidate is suitable for the responsibility of being our president, but if I had to choose, I will support Hilary over Trump any day.”
-Emma Lincoln, 19, Sophomore Social Work Major, Grand Rapids, Mich.

“Due to the way Trump speaks about women, i don’t know how i could vote for him. He sexualizes them and speaks about them in a completely demeaning tone. I support Hilary and plan on giving her my vote.”
-Monica Jablonski, 19, Sophomore Pre-Med Major, Grand Rapids, Mich.

“The rhetoric that Trump has used during this election is disgraceful. The statements that he has made make him unfit to hold a position of such power. Hilary made a huge mistake in deleting emails but when you look at the sum of what each candidate has done and said in their careers, Hilary is the obvious choice in this election.”
-Dejuan Jones, 19, Sophomore, Lansing, Mich.

“I think Trump is one of the most hateful people ever. And to have him represent our country would be an embarrassment. It just makes me sad to see someone so selfish. There are so many American lives he doesn’t even acknowledge; gay rights, the racism he incites, the hatred of women. All of it just makes my heart hurt honestly.”
-Marissa Mcnamara, 19, Sophomore, Lansing, Mich.


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