Millennials having trouble trusting candidates

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Bernie Sanders rally held in East Lansing, Michigan. Picture taken by Kelly Sheridan

Bernie Sanders rally held in East Lansing, Michigan. Picture taken by Kelly Sheridan

At 31 percent, Millennials are now tied with Baby Boomers as the largest generation. However, a major problem with this age group is voter apathy and lack of trust in the government.

In 2015, Harvard’s Institute of Politics released a survey that showed that 83 percent of young people, regardless of their political party, do not trust Congress. John Della Volpe the Director of Polling at Harvard University said that “this is a more cynical generation when it comes to political institutions.”

With the 2016 Presidential Election looming, Michigan State junior and criminal justice major, Darion McPherson says she has a hard time trusting either of the candidates.

“I definitely don’t trust either of the them.”

Seth Bartell, a chemical engineering senior at MSU, says the lack of trust stems from the candidates not giving voters a reason to trust them in the first place.

“Hillary has shown a pattern of hypocrisy and Trump, all Trump talks about is how Hillary is corrupt. So, neither of them really give me a reason to trust them other than bashing each other,” Bartell said.

Bartell also thinks that this a major reason for why young people are not voting.

“I think some people, some of the younger kids are going to not vote for this election just simply because they don’t like either candidate and they don’t think their vote counts. But, when it comes down to it, their vote does count.”

Last week, former Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders visited Michigan State University to encourage young voters to look at the issues when deciding who to vote for President.

“We are voting for the President of the United States—the most powerful elected position in the world,” Sanders said. “And it is incumbent upon us to take a hard look at the issues. The issues that impact our lives.”

One of the major issues with this election is the lack of focus on actual policies. McPherson believes that if the candidates put more emphasis on their opinion on the issues it would be easier to trust them.

“I think the candidates could definitely talk about actual policies instead of yelling back and forth at each other when they’re asked questions,” McPherson said. “But i think definitely just getting their policies out there would be a help.”

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