Meridian Township City Hall expects historic turnout

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Meridian Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus said that, based on the morning voter turnout, this election could have the largest voter participation ever in the township.

“The largest (turnout) we’ve ever had was in 2008. (In) 2012 it dropped off because it was a re-election campaign, but this year it might actually surpass 2008,” Dreyfus said. “We had a 73 percent voter turnout in 2012 and so we were told by the state to expect upwards of 80 percent turnout,” Dreyfus said.

First-time voter Leonardo Abbrescia said his experience at his poll was exciting.

“I was pretty excited,” Abbrescia said. “They actually didn’t have me in the computer, they had me in the books, so it took like 10 minutes for them to manually enter me into the computer.”

Dreyfus acknowledge the voting process doesn’t always run smoothly.

“It’s super busy and you know we deal with a lot of problems that arise, we sometimes have an equipment issue or we might have a voter not show up in our files, or we have a voter that moved and they don’t know where they’re supposed to go,” Dreyfus said.

“Voters need to bring a photo ID with them in order to vote. That’s all you need to do is bring a valid driver’s license or a Michigan ID,” he said. “Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. We are very busy today so you can expect anywhere from a half hour to a possibly longer wait depending, and that’s it.”


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