International students, non-voters explain their positions

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“I heard good stories about Trump,” Yao said. “If I could vote here I would support him based on what other people have told me. I don’t know much about it myself.”
-Xinjim Yao, 18, Freshman Major, China

“I’m not registered, but if I was I’d vote for Trump because he has good people surrounding him.”
-Abby Monson, 20, Junior Advertising Major, Lakeville, Minn.

“I’m not planning to vote because neither of the two top candidates appeal to what I care about.”
-Tom Chung, 19, Sophomore Kinesiology Major, Rochester, Mich.

“I really don’t think voting counts as much as the media makes it seem. My vote is not valuable, it doesn’t really count or matter.”
-LaMia Cotton, 23, Junior Communications Major, Lansing, Mich.

“I don’t support either candidate which is why I decided not to vote in the 2016 election. I don’t want to see either candidate represent out country.”
-Joshua Kovacs, 19, Freshman Electrical Engineering Major, New Boston, Mich.

“I chose not to vote because I felt that my vote would not only carry very little weight but I did not feel good morally voting for either of the main party candidates.”
-Silas Olson, 19, Sophomore Economics Major, Redford, Mich.

“I don’t like either of the canidates, so I’m not comfortable voting.”
-Matt Boulus, Senior Kinesiology Major, Commerce Township, MI

“A lot of my colleagues voted for Hillary to prevent Trump’s rise to power.”
-Liao Zhang, 29, Graduate Student in History, China

“I didn’t vote, but if I could I would vote Trump because he is a businessman, and I think a businessman’s going to help turn this country around.”
-Stephen Salek, 24, Senior Kinesiology Major, Waterford, MI

“Having two candidates that obviously don’t care about the well-being of people from other countries is scary.”
-Suzana Luz, 19, Sophomore Economics Major, Brazil

“I kind of want Hillary to win because from what I’ve seen, every person who has a bit of sanity is voting for her whereas Trump supporters are voting for him just because they think he’s funny or for pure racism.”
-Faris Al-Abdulkader, 20, Sophomore Business Major, Saudi Arabia

Reporting By: Ashley Nance, Camille North, Chelsea Henry, Colin Donnelly, Connor Matthes, D’Vonne Williams, Danielle Connery, Eli Dunninger, Elijah Dunninger, Emily Anfield, Emily Lovasz, Hannah Holliday, Harrison Kushner, Jenna Chapman, Jessica Hanna, Joelle Marino, Jonathan LeBlanc, Joshua Christian Chung, Julia Swoish, Kaiyue Zhang, Kendall Ashman, Lance Cohen, Lukas Eddy, Madeline Stamm, Marsya Mohd Johari, Michael Downes, Myia Blocker, Raven Bradford, Rianna Middleton, Ruta Ulcinaite, Samantha Lewakowski, Shelby Burnett,Taylor Skelton, Whitney McDonald, Zane D’Souza

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