Grebner rejoins Ingham County Commission

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The Ingham County Commission remains largely Democratic after Tuesday’s election with 11 of 14 districts. Democrat Mark Grebner rejoined the commission in District 8 and Ryan Sebolt joined the commission in District 2. Incumbent Republican Randy Maiville won a race to keep his seat in District 6.

Mark Grebner

Ingham County

Mark Grebner

For Grebner, the win means a return to the Commission, where he served for 30 years between 1977 and 2012. Grebner is the president of Practical Political Consulting and serves as the firm’s lead campaign consultant, according to his website.

Grebner said he decided to run for County Commissioner and return to the board once a vacancy opened up, which it did.

“I never really meant to leave the board, except there was a chance to run for a higher office,” Grebner said. “And when I didn’t succeed there, I just went back to the Board of Commissioners when a vacancy came up.”

So once Grebner figured out that there was a vacancy, he moved into the district and ran.

“I’m pretty knowledgable about county issues, I think the county board kind of needs me.”

With the win, Grebner said he is eager to get back to working on the issues.

“I plan to get back into county politics, get back to working on the county board like I have for last 40 years,” he said. “I got a bunch of issues to push. I’ll just get to work on them.”

District 2 featured Democrats Ryan Sebolt, Wyatt Ludman and Republican Patricia Muscovalley. Sebolt is a Lansing native and received his bachelor’s from Albion College. He is passionate about three issues: promoting region, trails and parks and quality healthcare. Ludman is a lifelong Michigan resident and works in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Sebolt decided to run for the County Commissioner because he’s been involved in the community for a while and also works in the political realm.

“I’m really interested and invested in the direction that our region is going in,” he said.

“I got married this fall and I’ve been thinking about the future direction of my family,” Sebolt said. “I just want to make sure I’m building a better community for everybody.”

Before he learned that he had won, Sebolt said “I’m feeling good about the outcome of the election. I’m feeling pretty confident in my chances of becoming a county commissioner.”

With his win on Tuesday night, Sebolt plans to be more actively involved in the conversation about the direction of his region.

“I’m really looking forward to joining the County Commission,” he said. “I want to build a stronger region and work with other levels of government to see how we can better provide services and be more efficient.”

He said, “I just think that my life is going to get much more busier, but I am very much so looking forward to the challenge.”

District 6 featured incumbent Republican Randy Maiville and Democrat Brandon Currin. District 6 includes Aurelius and Onondaga Townships and portions of Delhi and Alaiedon Townships, Maiville is vice-chairperson pro Tem of the board and a member of the Law & Courts and County Services Committees. Currin is a teacher at Holt High School and said he ran for the commission because he wants Ingham County to remain a viable option for future generations.

“So I am in the minority (Republican) but there are two other Republican County Commissioners,” Maiville said.

Maiville was the only Republican candidate to win a contested race in this election. Two other Republicans won election without opposition.

Maiville expressed some thoughts as early results were coming in.

“I’m down just a little bit, but not a surprise,” he said. “The two precincts starting to come in are in Delhi Township, which are tough areas for a Republican to carry.”

Maiville said he hoped to continue to represent District 6 and to do what he has always done on the Board of Commissioners.

“I started out in local government, so I am somewhat familiar with the issues on that level.”

Maiville plans to continue what he has been doing for the past four years and remain well connected with the communities in his district, including doing community service work.

“I try to go to the board to vote on board meetings,” he said. “I try to stay connected to the communities that I represent and I been representing for four years now, I don’t plan to change much substantial.”

In District 12, incumbent Democrat Deb Nolan faced a challenge from Republican Chris Pawsat. Pawsat is a student in Michigan State University’s James Madison College and a lifelong resident of Meridian Township. He is also one of the youngest to ever run for Ingham County Commissioner.

Pawsat said he ran for commission because he believes it is time for change in Ingham County and time for a fresh perspective.

“It’s time to bring someone to the county board who cares about taxpayers’ money,” he said. “We need a millennial to be there, we need the future up there (millennial) bringing ideas and whatnot to the board.”

Pawsat said he is young and he gets that.

“I feel like it’s great being a college student and running for county commissioner,” Pawsat said. “We need millennials on the commission. It’s only an advantage and it’s something Ingham County needs.”

Pawsat said, “I want to motivate students and get them motivated/encouraged to participate in office, the county and the Board,” he said.

Pawsat said his campaign has meant months of intense work, knocking on thousands of doors and shaking hands with almost everyone in the district. “It’s just been a lot of working hard and valuing every dollar of taxpayers’ money,” he said.

These are unofficial totals from the Ingham County Clerk’s office, as of midnight:

1st District, 77.78% of votes
Victor G. Celentino (D), 3,786, 75.64%
Louis Cascarelli (R), 1,193, 23.84%

2nd District, 100%
Ryan Sebolt (D), 4,513, 79.65%
Patricia Muscovalley (R), 1,130, 19.94%

3rd District, 100%
Sarah Anthony (D), 4,667, 71.98%
Beverly Hansen (R), 1,792, 27.64%

4th District, 85.71%
Bryan L. Crenshaw (D), 3,426, 70.12%
Vickie L. Niklas (R), 1,435, 29.37%

5th District, 100%
Todd Tennis (D), 4,509, 68.83%
William Douglas Ames (R), 2,011, 30.70%

6th District, 80.%
Randy Maiville (R), 4,000, 54.29%
Brandon D. Currin (D), 3,349 45.45%

7th District, 1000%
Kara Hope (D), 4,929, 62.56%
Leslie Markwort (R), 2,924, 37.11%

8th District, 75%
Mark Grebner (D), 5,099, 70.32%
Christopher McNamara (R), 2,135, 29.44%

9th District, 71.43%
Carol N. Koenig (D), 3,208, 71.82%
Ashlyne V. Borruso (R) 1,244, 27.85%

10th District, 77.78%
Brian McGrain (D), 3,865, 66.68%
Janice Harvey (R), 1,582, 27.29%
Martin Mashon (L), 338, 5.83%

11th District, 100%
Teri Banas (D), 4,806, 64.24%
Xavier Durand-Hollis (R), 2,655, 35.49%

12th District, 88.89%
Deb Nolan (D), 3,496, 59.78%
Christopher Pawsat (R), 2,343, 40.06%

13th District, 45.45%
Randy Schafer (R), 3,233, 98.60%
Write-In, 46, 1.40%

14th District, 55.56%
Robin Case Naeyaert (R), 3,757, 98.38%
Write-In, 62, 1.62%

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