Gallery: Scenes from campus voting sites

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Story by Carina Ferrer-Garcia

On Election Day, voters lined up at Michigan State Universoty’s IM West polling location for as long as two hours. People had a lot to say about voting for the first time and waiting to get a chance to do so.

Allen Peng, a freshman studying biochemistry and molecular biology said, “I waited almost two hours. This is my first time voting, but I don’t think my vote matters that much in this area. I voted anyways and it felt good. I voted because it’s just something every American citizen should do.”

Oumie Nyassi, a freshman majoring in sociology said, “I waited about two hours. It was my first time voting and it felt really good. I was smiling the whole time. People probably thought I was creepy.”

Nyassi said, “The wait to vote was worth it. I’m late to class, but other than that, yeah. I voted because there’s a huge divide in our country and people’s views are messed up. My voice matters. I am young, but people try to diminish my voice, so I had to come vote.”

Lauren Burns, a sophomore studying business said, “I waited an hour and a half. This was my first time voting, so I think it was worth it. I felt like I was being a part of something. I voted today because if I didn’t do my part, then I couldn’t complain about the outcome.”

Katherine Fitzsimons, a freshman studying chemical engineering, said “It was my first time voting today and I waited an hour to an hour and a half. I think it was worth it. I feel like I impacted the country because this is a big, historical election. I voted today because Hillary would be the first woman to become president.”

Alexus Foote, a freshman studying zoology said, “I waited two hours and it was not worth it at all. I couldn’t hand in my lab for my class and the ballot only took two minutes to do. I don’t know why it took so long. Yet, today was my first time voting and it felt important. I voted today because I didn’t want a certain person in office.”

Sheridan Skopczynski, a sophomore majoring in packaging said, “I waited an hour and 50 minutes. It was my first time voting, so I guess the wait was worth it. After the wait though, it didn’t really feel so great to vote anymore. I voted because I felt obligated to.”

Jillian Tosolt, a freshman majoring in computer science said, “I waited over an hour. I would say an hour and 15 minutes. I voted in the primary, so technically this was not my first time voting. Voting today felt stressful, but I’m glad I get the chance to vote. I think the wait was worth it.”

Tosolt concluded, “I voted for Hillary. I’m Hispanic and gay, so the odds of me surviving in a ‘Trump America’ are not good.”

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