Focal Point covers election night

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Focal Point broadcast live from the new Spartan Newsroom, with anchors Whitney Burney and Macy Krupiczewicz.

Everything from candidate rallies, to local election summaries, to possible outcomes of today’s election results were covered.

Trying to gain votes and supporters, Donald Trump Jr. visited MSU’s campus, while Mike Pence held a campaign dinner in Macomb County. Donald Trump had a late night visit in Grand Rapids as well.

Chelsea Clinton visited MSU’s campus, while her mother Hillary Clinton visited Detroit.  Current President Barack Obama followed with a Detroit visit a few days after.

Focal Point’s Micaela Colonna spoke with MSU Professor Matt Grossman on the topic of social media and how that has affected this year’s election season.  Every media outlet has been used as much as possible to connect with as many potential voters as possible.

A live interview with both MSU College Republican, Emily Kovac, and MSU College Democrat, Michael Sandoval, discussed what the presidential candidates have done to appeal to millennials this election race.  Both Kovac and Sandoval expressed how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton used their campaigns to get “as many millennial votes” as they could.  Both said how “crucial” the millennial votes are, especially for this particular election season.

The ins and outs were explored and summarized for the election season thus far.  The Focal Point news team looks forward to broadcasting another show live later tonight.

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