DeWitt tests voting tabulators

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When people show up to polling stations this Nov. 8, they’ll fill out their ballots, vote for their desired candidates and go on their way. Little do they know all the time, effort and double, triple and quadruple checking that goes into the voting process before the ballots are even entered into the system.

In DeWitt Township, voting tabulators make the voting process easier. However, testing of the tabulators is anything but easy. The process can be extremely tedious, but it is necessary to ensure the correct result when the process is done.

“How much safer can you get than that?,” township clerk Diane Mosier said. “You have a paper ballot for every vote that’s (casted).”

Deputy clerk Laurie Kulhanek said that without the checks of the system, the whole day can go downhill in a hurry.

“It is beneficial,” she said. “I think it makes it easier for the poll workers […] it’s a little quicker.”

It’s extremely tedious, yet necessary to ensure the voting process runs smoothly.

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