Are millennials receiving the correct information on the election?

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Nick Kipper, M-S-U Journalism Junior says he uses Facebook and Twitter most to receive his political news. Millennial’s are typically known for their constant web and social media usage. The American Press Institute says social networks are the main platform 18 to 34 year olds use to find their news, even on serious topics such as the presidential election. After talking with Matt Grossmann, the director of the institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University, it is clear the differences between news platforms across generations.

“For obvious reasons they are less likely to be reading the daily newspaper or less likely to be watching local T-V news, ah and instead they are finding more information through social media, uh through commonly visited websites, and through incidental news through things like comedy and, and other entertainment mechanism,” Grossmann said.

The millennial generation gets information in very different ways then past generations. Meme’s, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms are the main place people born between 1980 and two-thousand are getting their political information.

“It is informing people but you can also get false information or like very biased media, like, really just like any idiot on the Internet posting, really whatever they want and that could change someones viewpoint,” said Kipper.

Grossman refers to this type of news coverage as a little more adhoc, meaning people see the information they want to see, what their followers and favorite news sources are showing them.

“Sorta whats funny, whats viral. You know, if you experience news through comedy and through entertainment, then you may be less likely to take it as a serious policy discussion. You still do learn and a lot of people learn enough uh to make a basic decision. People don’t have to know everything about the candidates, they just basically need to know which one they like better,” Kipper said.

Although receiving news from different platforms then previous generations, Grossman believes millennials are getting just enough information to make an educated decision.

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