A member of the oldest old sits down to give a history lesson

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Rose Adams is a Detroit senior citizen, and Alabama native born in 1929, who stresses the importance of voting, especially since everyone always did not have the option to vote. During her youth, voting was not allowed for African Americans, due to Civil Rights laws.

Voting laws such as literacy tests that potential black voters were forced to take were not lifted until 1965, after peaceful protesters were attacked for fighting for voting rights.

“I was there, I was there when Martin Luther King came down to Alabama, I was there. My mom walked in the march from Selma to Montgomery, though she couldn’t go all the way there she was in it for part of the way. There was so many other people that died so you could vote,” said Adams.

Since then, Adams has voted in every election, and follows the election very closely.

Adams, among many other citizens, has watched closely to issues important to her age group. According to Pew Research Center, issues such as foreign policy, the economy, and healthcare are some of the largest issues in the oldest old population.

“They covered some issues, but then they’re so busy trying to fight each other that they don’t have time to put in the time for the issues, I mean they skate over them and they don’t put a whole lot of time into it,” Rose said.

Even with the importance of the election, there are still a number of people in all age groups who are highly disappointed in the way this election has been running, and are not as eager to vote as they have been in previous elections.

“Donald Trump, I know too much about. I don’t like him at all. Hillary Clinton, I’m not crazy about her either, but since I have to choose one person, II would choose Hillary over Donald, because as he said she’s been in it over 30 years,” said Adams.

Voting this year takes place on Nov. 8, which is just one week away.

“If you worth something, get up and go vote. If you can’t get up and go vote, get an absentee ballot,” Adams said.

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