Wells Hall watches presidential debate

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Oct. 19 was the final debate for presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and the MSU Debate team held a party in Wells Hall to watch it. The watch party was complete with Snapchat filters, posters and an appetite for the debate. During the debate there were the usual laughs, gasps and a short dialogue afterward.


Naya Henderson said “Come on, we have a Snapchat filter,” before doing a short interview.


“Looks like a lot of us are going for Hillary today.” — Carly Watson


Just a little candid before the debate started.


What pictures snapped at Wells Hall looked like with the Snapchat filter on..


Carly Watson said “I’m still voting for Hillary, but Donald did do better today than in past debates.” #MIfirstelection


“I hate the amount of bickering the two did. It should be about the policies they want to implement and so forth.” – Michael #MIfirstelection


Laughter after Clinton said “The Donald Trump Foundation paid for a statue of Trump himself.”


When the video went out,people in the room screamed, “It was the Russians,” a reference to debate points about Russian hacking. #MIfirstelection #JRN300 #debatenight

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