Committee looks to make East Lansing more accessible

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Safe Neighborhood PhotoOn Sept. 20, the East Lansing City Council resolved to appoint a steering committee.  The committee will focus on parking and joining the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities in East Lansing.

“It is being done to access parking requirements in development projects, mainly focusing on downtown projects,” said Deputy City Manager Tim Dempsey.

With buildings under construction in East Lansing, parking can be difficult.  The parking committee will help improve the parking and walkability to public transit and to campus.

The hope for the parking committee is to make navigating around downtown East Lansing easier, especially in high-traffic areas such as Grand River Avenue.  Dempsey also said the committee would have four contributors.

The committee is also tasked with setting up age-friendly communities through AARP. An age-friendly community is supposed to allow residents to be part of a safer  community.

“It is set up by AARP and should be a broad public process with community support,” said Dempsey.

An AARP friendly community looks to improve eight domains:

  • outdoor spaces and living
  • transportation
  • housing
  • social participation
  • respect and social inclusion
  • civic participation and employment
  • communication and information
  • community support and health services.

Details on how AARP describes each domain can be found on the East Lansing City Hall agenda from Sept. 20.

“The committees will likely get together by the end of October,” said Dempsey.

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