Lack of election knowledge this year

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With the presidential election less than a month away and media coverage at an all time high, it may come as a surprise that a lot of students in East Lansing still don’t seem to know some of the candidates’ names.

The students were asked, “Can you tell me who Mike Pence and Tim Kaine are?” and some answered within seconds, while others had no idea.

MSU Political Science Professor, Dr. Corwin Schmidt, says it makes sense that not everyone knows the answer.

“Well, it’s pretty common. It’s not really in people’s interest to know much, because rarely does your vote matter that much so… And vice president is probably the least consequential office out there so it really doesn’t… There’s no real purpose to knowing the vice president.”

He also touched on why he thinks that this year in particular is different than the rest.  Things such as low favorability and trustworthiness with the candidates, along with no new policies being proposed, are some of his reasons.

No matter what, students are being encouraged around campus to take part in the election this year.

Many nationwide have already voted with absentee ballots and early state voting, but for those who haven’t, Election Day is November 8th.

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