Black Lives Matter protestors ask MSU admin for a response

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A group of students made strides from the union, down Grand River and around to the front steps of the administration building on October 11. They came with demands that the administration pick a side in the political debate surrounding the Black Lives Mater Movement.

The conflict originally began when students who were against inviting Donald Trump’s Campaign to speak at the university expressed that to ASMSU and felt ignored. The group stated in a post to the state news that they believe that a visit from the presidential candidate would promote his xenophobic campaign and further endanger communities of black and brown people.

“The issue arised when there was a silencing of students on ASMSU’s Facebook page who voiced their concerns,” said Breanna Escamilla, one of the protests organizers.

“Because you have black students who we’ve seen have been dehumanized and murdered explicitly and violated in various ways… it’s imperative that we take a stance and say do we matter to you or do we not?” said Escamilla.

The students stood in front of the building for about 20 minutes after building hours and made demands that the university released a statement by Friday at 5pm.

Administration has not released a response yet.

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