Approximately 80 percent of MSU students report feeling unsafe off campus at night

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Only 19.1 percent of Michigan State University students report they feel very safe in East Lansing at night, according to the University Student Commission.

Four representatives from the University Student Commission gave a presentation at the East Lansing City Council meeting Oct. 18.

Julia Porter, MSU senior and commission member, gave a brief presentation that focused on students feeling unsafe while off campus.

Porter is the Olin Health Center representative on the commission and said it recently received the results from the 2016 National College Health Assessment.

“Only 19.1 percent of students report feeling very safe off campus at night, and only 57.2 percent of students report feeling very safe off campus during the day,” she said.

“And while feeling safe off campus during the day is important, what we’re really concerned about is at night because of other activities that take place. With students going out to the bars, or going to parties and maybe drinking and not having the same level of awareness that they would during the day,” Porter said.

“What we’d like to concentrate on is that students and residents feel safe at night, regardless of whatever they may be doing at night,” she said.

After Porter’s presentation, City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem Ruth Beier said, “Not to sound too dire, but (19.1) percent of people feeling safe is unacceptable to me as a councilperson.”

Tiffany Khoury, MSU junior and at-large member of the University Student Commission, said she was surprised by the results.

“That’s definitely something to be addressed, because the ideal number would be zero percent,” Khoury said.

Porter said, “we’re interested in working with the City Council, the police and other local government officials to implement a city-wide campaign focused on increasing safety in East Lansing for students and residents.”

“This is our goal for the school year, and it’s our hope as a student organization that the city will be able to us make the place safer overall for everyone who calls East Lansing home,” Porter said.

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