To vote or not to vote

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Ian Fredrick on his way back home from MKE 375

Noah Menner

Ian Fredrick on his way back home from MKE 375


East Lansing, Mich.– For Ian Fredrick, a senior marketing major at MSU, the upcoming November election will be one of the most historic events.

The senior enrolled at MSU in 2013. Since then he has never made an attempt to register because he “hasn’t found the time” to register for the elections.

“I’m not that familiar with how the registration process in Michigan works,” said Fredrick. “On a scale of one to five, I’d say I’m a three, so not an expert but I’m sure I can find out a way to better understand the process.”

Fredrick has never found the time to vote, but feels no pressure in getting registered and has a little animosity built up for the two candidates running for election.

“I don’t think it’s that important to vote because I really don’t agree with either of the candidates’ policies,” said Fredrick. “A lot of the focus during rally’s was about which candidate had the most dirt on the other, and that’s not what politics should be about at all.”

Fredrick believes in some of the economic policies that the Republican Party candidate Donald J. Trump has pitched but is not nearly convinced that Trump can get the job done.

“Trump has a chance to sway me into registering to vote and voting for him but I can’t see myself actually casting that vote come election time,” said Fredrick. “I don’t feel the need to vote for someone that will possibly lead to the downfall of our nation in all directions.”

The senior understands how important these elections are but is still not willing to vote for Clinton or Trump because of “their radical beliefs” and inability to make sound decisions.

“The election is important because we will shortly be entering the workforce and a lot of the main issues that the candidates are presenting is really going to affect the students in the coming years,” said Fredrick. “However, at the end of the day, I would like to know how much our vote is actually worth, and if it even has a huge effect or not on deciding the next president of the United States.”

With the elections coming right around the corner many people, including Fredrick, don’t think they need to make an effort to get registered.

“It’s not mandatory to vote by any means, but at the end of the day if you don’t agree with either candidate and their policies, then don’t waste your vote,” said Fredrick.


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