MSU’s unregistered: What stops students from signing up to vote?

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File photo

The voting registration application.

The voting registration application.

File photo

The voting registration application.

The voter registration deadline for the Nov. 8 election in Michigan is Oct. 11. Many young people throughout the state, including MSU students, haven’t signed up to vote. What is keeping some people from registering, and what would it take to motivate them? Here are the stories of several young Michigan residents who so far won’t be participating in this election.

Time and motivation are preventing one jaded Spartan from registering.

Upbringing a main factor behind this Spartan’s choice to not register to vote.

Unwilling Spartan will not register to vote given the nation’s current political situation.

Not enough time: A young voter’s struggle to register

Maybe in another year, but this election is not enough to entice MSU student to vote.

Youth plans to register to vote, even if not excited about voting choices.

MSU student never learned much about politics, but is interested in voting.

Being a child of immigrants is an identity preventing this Spartan from voting.

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