National Night Out events in Lansing area aimed at improving police-community relations

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By Zachary Mitchell
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

From Aug. 2-9, the Lansing area hosted various events associated National Night Out. This event is created to help form positivity, trust, and friendships within Lansing’s communities.

According to Robert Chartnard, the executive organizer, overall the event was outstanding and well-appreciated for bringing the community together and focusing on positive actions instead of focusing on the negativity that is going on in the world today.

“This event is done once a year at the beginning of August and it also corresponds with our summer reading program for the youth in the summer. The goal of this event is to help the community unite and bring an extensive amount of positivity to the youth,” said Chartnard.

“Children had the opportunity to meet and greet with police officers, firefighters. The children had fun, they got a chance to hunk the police horns and play with the sirens on their cars, with no punishment. There was a large amount of free food provided for the kids,” said Chartnard.

Children were entertained and got a chance to talk, and play games with police officers.

“I believe this event helps kids become more comfortable with police officers, and deter them away from the police brutality mentality,” said Lansing Police Chief Michael Yankowski.

“Our expectations are to be able to help provide as many smiles and good vibes as possible throughout the city of Lansing,” said Yankowski.

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