Local business hosts sidewalk sale

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By Zachary Mitchell
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

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On July 30, Delphi Glass Co. had a sidewalk sale in order to attract more customers.

According to Delphi staff, the sale is a major key to attracting business.

“That’s their biggest day through business. They probably make on average five to six times what they would make on a usual day and we also get rid of a lot of stock that we had that was damaged,” said Dane Porter.

Staff also says that the sale gets rid of a lot of inventory that would usually not sell.

“We have so much inventory, and that’s the day that we get rid of all returns of anything that’s slightly damaged or discontinued,” said Porter.

“What Delphi tries to do is teach classes so we have students from different schools that wants to interact with us here considering the fact that we have discounts and do events, we also make supplies and products in time for fundraisers. So Delphi really gets the name out there,” said Porter.

One local shopper anticipates sidewalk sales, and was excited to shop.

“Customers receive huge discount on store items that we usually don’t across,” said Matthew Murray. “I believe so because this is a big event that is publicized in local areas and all over the internet.”

Some people feel that the sidewalk sale attracts a lot more customers.

“Items are at such a low price that they are almost given away and for Delphi this adds to their clientele. I believe so and I am pretty sure it has a big impact on their fan base. I’m pretty sure this motivates others to strive to achieve their goal,” said Lindsey Mason, another local shopper.

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