Residents are noticing Lansing’s “exciting” rebirth

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By Tyriq Thompson
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

The city of Lansing is home to the state capitol, the Lansing Lugnuts, and many businesses and new developments that are bringing life to the city.

In 2010 Kiplinger named Lansing one of the “10 Great Cities for Young Adults.” Residents are excited about how the city is faring and are eager to see what the future looks like for the city.

“Lansing is a great place to live,” said Terrance Grantham, a resident of Lansing and a current counselor at the Lansing Boys and Girls Club. “Being from Detroit, I have always been used to the big-city life, but Lansing has been a nice change of pace for me and my family.”

Grantham is a father of two and he and his wife recently got married in May.

“It’s actually an ideal place to raise a family because the city isn’t very big,” said Grantham. “I’ve been impressed at how the city has progressed since we moved here in 2013. I think it is a good place to raise my kids.”

Downtown Lansing is beginning to see new additions and developments that are making people consider moving closer to the capitol building.

“I’ve been seeing all of the new apartment buildings and real estate being built and it’s exciting to me,” said Kyle Barnes, who lives on Lansing’s south side.”

“Compared to other cities, Lansing is on the move when it comes to new things happening and happening fast,” said Barnes.

“The Outfield Apartments that just opened in the Lugnuts stadium are very tempting just from the fact that they’re built right onto a baseball stadium,” said Barnes. “That’s crazy to me, and I think that place will definitely fill up fast with residents.”

In addition to the Outfield Apartments, the city of Lansing will see redevelopment for the South Washington Park Apartments, the new Masonic Temple apartments have recently been completed, and a local developer wants to build a four-story building on a surface parking lot on the edge of the downtown area that would include apartments and retail space.

The city of Lansing also has events going on every day that residents and families alike can enjoy.

“I like getting my family out and about in Lansing whenever I can,” said Mandy Chandler, who works as an academic advisor at Michigan State University.

“There is literally something that is happening every single day, and that’s great for whenever my family has nothing to do,” said Chandler. “We can always just look up what’s going on around the city and just go.”

“That’s one thing I like about living in the area is that the city makes an effort to keep things fresh by having events planned throughout each and every week. When you look around, most of the events that happen in other cities like Detroit are on weekends,” said Chandler. “I think Lansing is a place where anyone can find just about anything to do that will pique their interest.”

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