With water woes in Flint, people are looking twice at their taps in Meridian

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By Lauren Captain
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

To most people’s knowledge the water crisis in Flint is something to not take lightly by any means. With the concern of the water quality in surrounding neighborhoods, no matter how far or close, they may have a little to be concerned about as well.

Photo by Meridian Charter Township website

Photo by Meridian Charter Township website

Due to the water crisis in Flint, the residents of Meridian Township wonder, and perhaps worry about the potential lead levels in their township’s water system that could arise.

“Though I currently live in East Lansing, I am originally from Okemos and have thought about this situation happening before when Flint broke loose. Not just for my community alone, but all of Michigan. Meridian has brought attention to the situation of possible lead threats. So is this something I have to worry about?” Natasha Syed said.

Other Meridian residences that don’t live there full-time find themselves worrying about this situation too.

“I live in Illinois, but live in the Hampton apartments in Okemos for school. This is something I don’t usually find myself worrying about at home, but since Flint is pretty close to here so I feel like something similar could happen to us,” Kari Czeszewski says.

But Meridian Township recently reported on their very consistent source of groundwater and why there should be really no threat to the residences that live here.

But one warning they did send out to the public to reduce the potential threat of lead in the water was to use only cold tap water. The hotter water is likely to contain higher levels of lead, if at all.

Flint’s water became contaminated with lead in 2014 after the city switched its water supply source for everyone. Soon after, residents of Flint complained of the taste and smell of the new water supply source. In October of 2015, Flint finally changed their water supply to another source, but the damage was already done. The lead had entered the water source for the city easily and efficiently to contaminate their residents.

Though contaminated water starts from the corrosion of lead water services using a lead-based solder, which realistically can happen anywhere Meridian wanted to take stand on what people are actually worrying about.

The only real way to tell if your water is contaminated by lead is to have it tested, Meridian tells us. But to be sure they also sent out and made their Water Quality Report from 2014 public. With this, many residences can gain their ease back knowing that Meridian does in fact test their water so a crisis doesn’t arise.

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