Volunteer week sheds light on need for help in community

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Families in need can find a refuge at Haven House, a lansing area non-profit.

This makes Haven House unique, because “we’re the only shelter in Mid-Michigan that allows men, woman and children to stay in the same facility,” says Leah Weidner, the Volunteer and Special Projects coordinator of Haven House.

This is important, because according to Weidner, spiting families up makes it harder for them to get back on their feet again.

Haven House does have full time employees like Weidner, but those alone aren’t enough to keep the shelter worker as best it can.

“We honestly couldn’t do half the things we do without volunteers.”

Weedier encourages people to volunteer, even if it’s just a hour or two a week.

“It doesn’t take as long as people think.” She said

And if your considering volunteering, but haven’t found the time, this week might be a good time to start looking. Because it’s volunteer week.

Volunteer week started last year and Michigan state has found a unique way to celebrate it.

The Spartan day of service is this Saturday.

Spartans all over the world, including Africa and India, will be doing service projects.

And many students will be going to Flint this Saturday.

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