Undecided voters are waiting for signs

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Robert Gibson

Robert Gibson

By Dimitri Babalis
MI First Election

There are many people who are still disenfranchised and don’t have a candidate they want to support.

Blake Gromek is a first-time voter who is still open-minded when it comes to this year’s election.

Gromek said, “It looks like the two front-runners are Trump and Clinton and I don’t really sway to either side.”

“I see problems with Hillary and her ongoing FBI investigation and Trump with his cocky, celebrity ego. They’re making it a hard decision on which one I want to pick,” said Gromek.

Gromek is not alone with his opinion on this year’s election.

Robert Gibson also struggles with confusion when having to side with a candidate.

Gibson tends to side with the Democratic Party, however, he does not know which candidate he wants to back.

Gibson said, “I’m a huge Democrat, but I’m not a fan of Hillary or Bernie. My problem with Bernie is that he leans way too much towards the socialist side of politics and only tells people what they want to hear.”

“Hillary Clinton on the other hand had a very corrupt time during her position as Secretary of State. Along with that, I fear she will continue her corruption through her campaign and presidency,” said Gibson.
Gromek is focused on which candidate will help him when it comes to landing a secure job.

Gromek said, “I believe that although Trump has some character flaws, he has a great outlook at the economy and the business aspect of life. However, I fear that he has the mentality of ‘just trust me’ and I don’t know how confident I feel about that.”

John Brady, driver for Uber Technologies Inc., is having many second thoughts about this year’s election. //Develop him further. How long with Uber, age, where lives, etc. Spend some time asking your sources about themselves. Most will like to talk about themselves.

Brady said, “At the beginning of the debates I did not pay much attention and did not originally have a candidate chosen.”

“Through the many debates my choice started to lean toward Bernie Sanders as he was a candidate who I agreed with and it seemed as though he was gaining support of my peers, so I had others to talk with about him,” Brady said.

However, Brady says his decision is becoming harder as Sanders begins to slip out of the race. He almost just has to choose someone.

Brady said, “After many of the primaries have occurred, I am leaning toward Hillary Clinton just because she seems to be the front-runner for the Democratic Party and that what I tend to side with.”

“I do feel somewhat confident in voting for a candidate come November, but nowhere near as confident as I should be,” Brady said.

Michigan State University student Joseph Chetta contributes some solid points as to what is creating his confusion. Chetta believes egos are a big part of this year’s election.

Chetta said, “I feel like everyone is running on a popularity contest and no one is really focusing on the issues this country is having.”

“Judging over the last eight years, I believe Hillary would be best fit to be in office for the next term or two, but I really don’t know,” Chetta said.

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