To adopt, or to buy? That is a pet question

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By Nakea Paige
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

More people are looking more to having an animal to snuggle with at night instead of some annoying person.

One of Selena Gomez's animals, Kitty.

One of Selena Gomez’s animals, Kitty.

The only thing people have to decide is whether to adopt or to purchase a puppy from either a breeder or owner.

With all of the animal shelters and abandoned animals, one would think that adoption would be an easy go to for animal lovers. Even though there are abandoned animals in shelters, people still stray to websites like Craigslist or Facebook looking to buy an animal.

According to the, it normally costs a person about $220 just to adopt an already ready animal. This includes all major shots, the animals are already spaded or neutered, and some area already trained and ready to find a new home. If shelters already have animals available, why do people still choose to buy animals.

Local Lansing resident, Selena Gomez just recently purchased a dog from a friend. She shared that she had to pay $150 for the dog, another $150 for shots, and not to mention all of the fees one has to pay in order to have an animal, such as a dog, in Lansing.

“I decided to go against adoption was because I wanted an animal who didn’t have a past. Some animals can never adapt to as new home no matter how long they’ve been in a shelter, to me it’s like they still have some sort of attachment to their previous owner,” said Gomez.

“I wanted to son to have something to grow up with, most adoption ready animals are older and I feel that if someone is mating their animals, I am buying one I am preventing another stray animal from entering the shelter.”

Samantha Smith, a local resident who went the adoption route, said that she prefers animals from shelters over bred at home animals.

“I decided to help with the problem of animal overpopulation. Nothing against people who buy animals or those who breed them, but most times you are unaware of the conditions the animals are in,” said Smith.

“You can potentially bring this animal home who was living in a bad environment and that animal comes home and cost you more than it did to buy the dog. Getting a pet from a shelter, no matter how old or young, you know they are healthy and shots up to date. And if there is something wrong with the animal, you will know before you leave the shelter and that is most important to me.”

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, there are a little over 7 million.

The ASPCA states that while there are more dogs in shelters nationwide, yet more cats get euthanized.

There are more adoption ready animals that anything in animal shelters. Everyone has their preferences, just have to decide what is best for their own families.

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