The presidential election: an Asian-American viewpoint

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By Dimitri Babalis and Olivia Rubick
MI First Election

Ryan Memije

Ryan Memije

East Lansing — The Asian-American population throughout the United States of America can significantly impact the presidential election, according to executive director of Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote in Michigan, Theresa Tran.

It is always interesting to see which cultural demographics will conform together around the same ideas or be separated by different viewpoints.

Ryan and Christian Memije are Filipino-American brothers who will be voting in their first election this November.

The brothers hold different political viewpoints.

Ryan Memije said, “No matter what race you are, everyone will have different opinions and perspectives on pretty much everything including voting in elections.”

“From an Asian-American standpoint, I can confirm that they do in fact have different views when voting. One of my uncles is a diehard Trump supporter and then you have my dad who will pretty much vote for anyone, Republican or Democrat, in the race besides Trump,” Ryan Memije said.

Ryan Memije said, “I have not personally had any difficulties when it comes to the voting process, which I know is a lot different than other Asian Americans I have talked to. My brother and I are both registered to vote and got all the help that we needed from the workers.”

Tran has seen a lot of Asian Americans with different experiences.

Tran said, “Some kids will go to the polls on election days and see the workers getting frustrated with them because they are not familiar with the way the voting system works. It is intimidating for them and makes them feel as if they have done something wrong, sometimes causing them to throw their hands in the air and walk out.”

Christian Memije said, “A lot of Asians are very religious depending on where they are from. We as a whole generally tend to vote more conservative.”

Even so, he is not a big fan of the man currently leading the race for the Republican nomination.

There has been controversy throughout the last year over Donald Trump’s comments regarding different races around the United States of America.

Christian Memije said, “As a presidential candidate, Trump shouldn’t be acting the way he is. He isn’t president-like and I cannot see him negotiating with other countries.”

Ryan Memije had a slightly different take on Trump.

Ryan Memije said, “Trump has been known to have a pretty extreme personality, but there hasn’t been anything that he has done or said that has offended me personally. The fact that he is winning more than half the polls has actually made me believe he might be a better candidate than people might think.”

Christian Memije said, “Right now I would vote for Ted Cruz. Since I’m a conservative, I think the only qualified candidate is Cruz. I think he has a good tax policy, foreign policy, and I just don’t agree with Trump.”

Ryan Memije did not agree with his brother’s choice of candidate to be the next president.

Ryan Memije said, “I wouldn’t vote for Hillary or Ted Cruz because they pretty much have both been proven to be liars.”

“My favorite candidate is probably John Kasich because he is the most sane candidate and has a strong platform, but he is pretty much out of the race so right now I’d probably have to vote Trump, Ryan Memije said.

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