Students Give Back Benefit Concert

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The stage is set for DJ group Galantis to headline the first Students Give Back Benefit Concert, held by the Interfraternity Council.

“I always had this kind of vision of an event that brought you know students together and it was just a fun time.”

All the proceeds go to help the Flint water crisis. So far the event has raised around 3,000 dollars. Organizers say they were hoping for a better turnout. Around 2,000 of the 5,000 available tickets have been sold.

“Honestly I thought we would sell more because I mean we have Galantis, Skizzy Mars and Elephante which is a solid lineup.”

The IFC used money- including fraternity dues- it saved over the years to pay for the event.

“Skizzy Mars, his price range is depending on size of the audience, is around 15-20,000 thousand”

Lassen says it was a risk to put on the concert.

“We really wanted to focus on a budget that could get us the best artist, for the best price, then add in perks such as an Uber code.”

Sarah Chapekis has been working with Uber to transport people to and from the event.


“I was worried about there being enough rides here the night of the event.”

Promoting the event on social media also cost money.

“So financially is it working out as well as we hoped? No, but in every other aspect yea it is working out very well.”


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