Renting movies in Holt can help the community, too

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Customer Shopping for movie rental

Customer Shopping for movie rental

The Family Video store in Holt, located right across from the Delhi Charter Township building gives more to the community than just movies, and games to rent, but rather donate much time, and money into the city.

One way that Family Video gives to the community is during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, Family Video works with the church to give away food to those in need.

“We work with the church next door and donate 20 turkeys during Thanksgiving, and during Christmas we give 20 hams to the church to then distribute for the people,” said store manager Melody Routhier-Laskosky.

Family Video does not just give food. During the first three weeks in March, Family Video puts on a competition in their store. The competition involves customers giving money to donate to Lymphoma research, and in return the store gives away three prizes. First prize is 50 percent off of all movie rentals for a year, next would be 20 percent for a year, and last is 10 percent for third place.

“Family Video started this donation five years ago, and has raised over $5 million and that we are so very proud of,” said Laskosky.

Family Video sees a ride range of customers daily, both regulars and new customers.

“We love our regulars, we see most of them weekly, and we do get a range of new customers too,” said Laskosky.

The factor that sets Family Video apart from other movie outlets is that Family Video is physical, and provides customers with comfort.

“I think that customers still despite the other outlets wants that security of a person recommending them of movies, giving them feedback, and things like that,” said Laskosky.

Another thing customers love is that they feel welcomed when coming in. Family Video is interactive with not only their customer service, but they have a quote board where if customers guess the correct quote on the board they get a free movie rental.

“We love our jobs here, all of our staff loves movies and providing customers with satisfaction keeps them coming back,” said Laskosky.

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