Main Meridian-to-Lansing link of Michigan Avenue in need of repairs

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By Julie Campbell
Meridian Times Staff Reporter

Damaged roads seem to be a huge problem across Michigan, one that grows over time. It’s almost as if potholes and bumps on the roads are a way of life for all Michigan residents.

Although there are often efforts to repair these problems, there is one street — the main route between Meridian Township and Lansing — that seems to have been left behind on the road repair list: Michigan Avenue.

Michigan Avenue is supposed to be the fastest, easiest route from Meridian Township to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing for the Meridian Township Fire and EMS, something needs to be fixed. If they have trouble getting to the desired location to help those in need, they’re going to have to find a different, longer route.

This can result in bigger issues and problems for Meridian Township.

“I think not just Michigan Avenue, but all the roads here are kinda ridiculous,” said Andrea Egnatuk, 27, of Okemos. “I heard that people actually want to test driverless robotic cars in Michigan of all states because of how many potholes we have. Obviously something needs to be done.”

Potholes are almost unavoidable in a state like Michigan. They’re caused by freezing and thawing, which is a common thing across the state. When places like Michigan Avenue are constantly experiencing potholes, it’s often because of a lack of funding.

“I work in Frandor Shopping Center, at Panera, and I literally can not stand driving there on Michigan Avenue,” said Alex Durkin of Haslett. “I actually get nervous about that, if something were to happen to my car and I was late to work then I’d be screwed and pissed. Talking about it gets me pissed.”

According to the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council, only 17 percent of roads are considered good condition, 45 percent are in fair condition, and 38 percent are in poor condition.

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