Ingham County population much more mobile than state, national averages

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By Xin Wen
Ingham County Chronicle Staff Reporter

The percentage of people who are geographically mobile in Ingham County is nearly double the rate in Michigan and even the national percentage.

In Ingham County, 27.4 percent of people have moved since the previous year, according to the national rate of geographically mobility people is 14.9 percent, while the percentage in the state of Michigan is also at 14.9 percent>.

Data from showing that the percentage of population moving within Ingham County is 14 percent, which is about 1.5 times the rate in Michigan.

Data from showing that the percentage of Ingham’s population moving from different counties is 10 percent, which more than double the rate in Michigan.


Zeenat Kotval-Karamchandani, an instructor of urban and regional planning at Michigan State University, said students moving to and from MSU are raising the mobility rate.

“One reason why the mobility rate is higher for Ingham than the state as a whole could be because Ingham County houses MSU,” she said. “We constantly have students moving into the area for school. These students can be from within the county or come to MSU from other areas of the country.”

Hillary Henderson, a real estate agent working for Coldwell Banker Hubbell BriarWood, said the most of customers she faces recently are Michigan State faculty.

“The majority of people selling or buying house for the job relocation,” Henderson said. “Especially at this time, there are Michigan State faculty coming to the area.”

Ben Zou, an economic assistant professor at MSU, moved to the Ingham County from Washington last year.

“I chose to move to the Ingham County is because I only get the offer from MSU at that time,” Zou said. “There is a big difference between Ingham County and Washington like sometimes I barely see anyone in the street, but it’s a good place to live in.”

Residents said they believed the flow of university faculty and students helps increase the rate in Ingham County.

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