Holt Road reconstruction project OKd by township, scheduled for this fall

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By Roya Burton and Jalen Smith
Holt Journal Staff Reporters

In order to improve traffic circulation on Holt Road between Grovenburg Road and Aurelius Road, Delhi Township officials have approved plans to resurface and repave that 3.1 mile stretch of road this fall.

Throughout Holt Road west of Eifert Road to Aurelius Road, and Grovenburg Road four-lane segments will soon be converted to three lanes, with a lane going each direction, and the middle designated as a left-turn lane.

The proposed project will also stretch down to Holt High School on the intersections of Washington and Eifert. They will replace the three light traffic signal with a traffic light that includes a left hand arrow.

At the beginning or end of a school day turning left or right out of the high school is difficult when the when the traffic is the most congested. This was a notion that Jon Harmon expressed during the Delhi Charter Township Board Meeting.

Harmon thinks that the change will make Holt Road safer for the students that are walking or riding a bike.

“The change would definitely make a difference for the safety of the students coming to and from school,” said Harmon.

Construction said to go from Aurelius Road to Grovenburg Road

Construction said to go from Aurelius Road to Grovenburg Road

Others concurred.

“These additions will hopefully be beneficial for young drivers, it will be more efficient which will give them a separate left turn lane,” said Tracy Miller, Director of Community Development.

“The use of making lane three a turning lane will reduce the road build-up on Holt during rush hour,” said Miller.

The board members were in favor of the proposal except Trustee Megan Ketchum. Megan says that this will cause more accidents and a bigger build-up on Holt Road.

“Holt Road is so backed up and changing the lanes will cause more people to speed because those cars are just getting off the freeway,” said Ketchum.

Local resident Katie Collins, was happy to hear they would be converting the lanes. “I think it will help redirect traffic and make it run a little smoother, because it does get pretty backed up,” she said.

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