Foundation hopes 34th annual golf outing will set fundraiser records

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By Cierra Pryor
The Williamston Post

Amanda Frattarelli, director of the senior benefits fund began the meeting with stating that the golf outing will be a combination of having fun, getting exercise, and raising a lot of money.

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Claire Munn, 45, a volunteer for the outing, goes over new ideas to help raise money and bring in more sponsors for this year’s golf outing. Photo by Cierra Pryor.

The Williamston schools foundation is hosting the 34th annual golf outing on May 21, 2016, at Brookshire Inn & Golf Club to raise money for technology in the schools.

Frattarelli made it clear in the meeting that there is more money to be raised through this event.

“We are about halfway to our initial goal, which is around $400,000,” said Frattarelli. “A third of the devices has been bought, but yet there are other items needing to be purchased.”

Board member Nicole Ellefson began to go over the agenda and share some major changes from previous years.

“We decided to up the amount of raffle tickets to 25 for early registration,” said Elleson. “Learning from past experience, the sponsors who register early tend to be our top winners due to having more tickets.”

Ellefson went on to explain how this method worked for the raffle at the lasagna dinner this past February.

“By upping the ticket amount in reward to registering early our early registrars went up by 30 percent,” said Ellefson.

Frattarelli then went on to break down the entire golf outing and how it will run after the question was raised by another trustee, Jill Story, of the sponsorship opportunities.

“Double Eagle is $1,000, which is our highest sponsorship package,” said Frattarelli. “You’ll have a full entry fee for four golfers, four family annual passes to all high school athletics through next year, dinner sponsorship with logo on the sign and prominent coverage in all promotional ads.”

Frattarelli then went on the explain the rest of the sponsorships from highest to lowest.

“Birdie is $250, including a mention at the dinner and entry fee of one golfer, Par is $150 having a hole sponsorship sign and mention at dinner on the day of the tourney,” said Frattarelli. “Lastly, the family package $100 which businesses aren’t eligible and that includes hole sponsorship on sign and mention at the banquet on the day of the tourney as well.”

Last year at the golf outing there were 35 elite corporate and individual sponsors. This year the foundation wants to add at least 15 more to that elite list.

Volunteers and members of the board began to brainstorm on how they could attract and get more elite sponsors.

“How about adding a course contest to give the sponsors a chance to double their raffle tickets they purchased,” said Claire Munn, 45, a volunteer. “We can call it double your tickets by setting up par 3 holes and have volunteer sell tickets. If the player hits green then you receive double the amount you bought.”

Frattarelli explained she believes this event will set records from previous years by having more sponsors and families register.

“We have already had our initial elite sponsors return and register for this year’s outing,” said Frattarelli. “I’m hoping more families this year would come out and support this event. We are adding more family activities so everyone can enjoy.”

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