Flip-flopping at the ballot box

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First-time voter Josh Shaw

First-time voter Josh Shaw

By Olivia Rubick
MI First Election

East Lansing – With the primary elections well underway, first-time voters everywhere are having to make tough decisions. The Michigan primary was March 8 and results proved surprising to some. Bernie Sanders won the Democratic spot and Donald Trump came in first for the Republican Party.

With eight months until the election, voters’ opinions are subject to change before the final vote with all the campaigning that takes place. Voters also will not all get to vote for whom they choose because only one person will be on each party’s ballot.

“Before primaries started and the campaigns really took off, I thought for sure I was going to vote for Bernie Sanders. Any college student who hears ‘free tuition’ is going to be intrigued. The deeper it is getting into the campaigns, I have changed and now believe my vote is going to go toward Hillary Clinton,” said first-time voter Kaylee Demink. “After hearing Bernie speak, I just really am not buying into anything he has to say. Free tuition is never going to happen, it’s just not realistic and I don’t think he has what it takes to run a country.”

On the other side, Donald Trump is more likely to have first-time voters support as opposed to the older voters, according to the Rasmussen Report. The older the voter, the less likely they believe Trump will be the nominee.

Josh Shaw, first-time voter and Holt, Michigan, resident said, “I was completely anti-Trump when this whole thing started. Truthfully, I thought it was a joke. I can now say that I voted for him in the primary and he will be getting my vote in the November election if he wins the nomination,” said Shaw. “He is a highly intelligent man. I don’t think any of his competition would be able to accomplish much of anything in office and I think Trump is going to be able to bring about the change that we need.”

Other first-time voters have yet to make up their minds on who is getting their vote.

“I was pro Hillary Clinton when there were still numerous candidates in the running, but the more educated I am becoming about all of the candidates and the more dirt that is coming out, I am at a loss of who I am going to vote for,” said voter Staria Coppins. “I know they bring out dirt on everyone who is the running, but there are too many unanswered questions with Hillary’s campaign that I don’t think I can give her my vote. My vote has definitely changed a few times but at this time I still undecided. This election is going to be interesting to see how things unfold. I am really hoping by November I will have a clear cut idea of who is gaining my vote.”

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