Daddy-Daughter Dance is now the Cupid’s Shuffle in Bath School District

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Bath Elementary School took a step in the right direction with the name change. Photo from

Bath Elementary School took a step in the right direction with the name change. Photo from

By Brendan Wilner
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

BATH — In Bath Township, there is a new dance name that was changed and it is something that the school district should be proud of. There was a Daddy-Daughter Dance that was changed to Cupid’s Shuffle. The dance was sponsored by the Bath High School Student Council and was for Elementary and Middle School students.

The superintendent of the Bath School District, Jake Huffman, said that it is a minor name change that fits the purpose of the dance. Huffman had the idea was suggested to him, the school principals, and the high school advisors.

“We had a few parents express that they felt Daddy/Daughter restricted girls from attending due to the number of single parents, kids living with other family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.).” Huffman said.

Huffman mentioned that it is 95 percent elementary students who attended the dance and that the school district tries to stay sensitive to all of their students and family needs.

The minor change in the name of the dance does allow more students and families to be able to enjoy a dance with their guardians regardless of their situations. Different people than the average household are raising students, and the schools are recognizing that. The schools are making easier for the families to go and enjoy a school functioned dance.

Tonya Sullivan attended the school board meeting to thank the board members for their effort in changing the name. She said that the name previously didn’t affect her, but she is happy to see that.

The Cupid Shuffle dance occurred on Feb. 10. Huffman said that the dance was great and it was well-attended.

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