Board of Water and Light tests Lansing homes for lead

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By Jaylyn Galloway
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

Photo by : Jaylyn Galloway

Photo by : Jaylyn Galloway

It seems like a reasonable request: promise that tap water is clean.

“I don’t know about everyone. I want healthier water,” Crystal Lewis, a Lansing resident, said.

Lewis is just one of the Lansing residents that receive their water from The Saginaw Aquifer that is owned by the Board of Water and Light.The water is pumped from 125 wells that reach 400 feet below the ground. However, following the Flint crisis many were worried about lead being in their water.

“About three months after the Flint crisis broke out we have seen an 100 percent increase in customers calling for lead testing,” a representative of BWL who declined to provide his full name said.

BWL will now be periodically testing the water of homes for both copper and lead.

BWL is telling its customers the average range for conducting a lead test would be about $20, said the BWL representative, adding that the test would be conducted at homes that are likely to have the highest concentration of lead.

Lewis said she wants to be able to drink the water from her house without worrying that something inside it can kill her, Lewis said. She also said that she doesn’t want her family getting sick from possible lead poisoning, and the $20 is worth it.

Photo by: Jaylyn Galloway

Photo by: Jaylyn Galloway

Another resident agreed. “No, I don’t see a problem with having my home tested if it came down to it,” Al Reed, a Lansing resident, said.

The way Reed sees it, he lives in a city that should already be mindful of its residents, Reed said. He hope that Lansing doesn’t end up like Flint and in order to do that authorities should test the water.

In 2004 BWL spent $42 million removing more than 13,500 lead services lines which had run to business and homes supplying them with water. Even though the water goes through BWL’s plant they cant guarantee that lead wont still be present in home plumbing, the representative said.

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