Apr. 29th, 2016 Budget

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Capital News Service Budget – Week 14 (LAST FILE OF SPRING SEMESTER)
April 29, 2016
To: CNS Editors
From: Dave Poulson and Sheila Schimpf
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BONUS WEEK AHEAD: This week is our last file of the semester. We will move a bonus file next Friday, May 6, that will contain stories already moved this semester but that you may have missed the first time around.
Here’s your file:
Week 14 budget
INCARCERATEDPARENTS: One in 10 Michigan children have had a parent in jail or prison, the third highest rate in the nation. Experts say that’s a traumatic experience equivalent to domestic abuse and one that puts children at risk of depression and anxiety. We talk to officials with the League for Public Policy and the Department of Corrections, the Wexford County prosecutor and an MSU law professor.  By Joshua Bender. FOR CADILLAC AND ALL POINTS.
MOREL: Maps of last year’s forest fires could lead morel hunters to a greater bounty this year. The state Department of Natural Resources is releasing online maps that may help hunters find the elusive fungi with the help of a cell phone. By Jasmine Watts. FOR PETOSKEY AND TRAVERSE CITY ALL POINTS
w/MORELPHOTO: Morel Mushroom by National Morel Mushroom Festival
JURY: Michigan jurors may soon receive their first raise since 2003, a move that’s part of an effort to get more of them to court. Other measures include offering them Uber rides to get them to the jury box and paying them immediately with debit cards so they don’t have to wait for a check. By Jason Kraft. FOR CHEBOYGAN, CADILLAC AND ALL POINTS.
BEVERAGEDEPOSIT: There’s a new bid to expand the state’s beverage container deposit law to cover water, juice, wine, liquor and other non-carbonated drinks, but prospects for legislative approval are dim. All similar efforts to expand the 40-year-old deposit law have failed. We hear from the lead sponsor, from Kalamazoo, MUCC, the Michigan Recycling Coalition, DEQ and the Michigan Retailers Association. By Eric Freedman. FOR GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS AND ALL POINTS.
FORESTS: Participation in a program encouraging private landowners to plan how to harvest their forests has more than tripled in three years, yielding a substantial increase in forest revenue primarily in northern Michigan and unusual agreement between environmentalists and the forest products industry. By David Poulson. FOR MARQUETTE, BAY MILLS, ALCONA, CADILLAC, CHEBOYGAN, CRAWFORD COUNTY, GLADWIN, GRAND RAPIDS, LEELANAU, PETOSKEY, ST. IGNACE, TRAVERSE CITY AND ALL POINTS.
NEONATAL: Babies who are born addicted to drugs are a growing problem in Michigan. Some of  the highest rates for what is called neonatal abstinence syndrome are in northern Michigan where health officials are calling for greater public awareness to fight what results in symptoms of drug withdrawal in infants. By Jasmine Watts. FOR ALCONA, MONTMORENCY, MARQUETTE, GLADWIN, ST. IGNACE, SAULT STE. MARIE AND ALL POINTS
GUESTWORKERS The number of foreign seasonal farm workers coming to Michigan and the challenges they face are rapidly growing. They are coming in under a special kind of temporary visa and competing with other migrant workers for jobs. By Joshua Bender. FOR GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, OCEANA AND ALL POINTS.
COLLEGEPREP Some lawmakers want to change the standards for preparing students for college in hopes of raising Michigan’s education rankings. But critics say they are lowering them. By Jasmine Watts. FOR ALL POINTS

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