Wisconsin primary heightens interest

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By William Thiede
MI First Election

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders were the winners of the Wisconsin Primary on Tuesday, April 5. Cruz took around 48 percent of the Republican vote, and Sanders had roughly 57 percent of the Democratic vote, according to CNN.

At the viewing party for the Wisconsin Primary, Francis Talbot said this was a pivotal point in the race for the presidential nominations. “Bernie is starting to gain some ground on Hillary, and that makes this whole thing a lot more intriguing,” said Talbot, a Sanders supporter.

“For the Republican side, well, I don’t even think the candidates know what’s going to happen. There’s three guys running for one spot, and it’s anybody’s game,” said Talbot.

For the Republican nomination, Donald Trump finished with around 35 percent of the vote, and John Kasich finished with around 14 percent. Hillary Clinton finished with around 43 percent for the Democratic side, according to CNN.

Matthew Brown, a student at Michigan State University, said he believes Republican hopeful John Kasich is just about done. “Kasich had a good run, but it’s over for him. He can’t compete with Trump or Cruz. Also, Cruz is now starting to push Trump,” said Brown, a first-time voter.

This whole race has been crazy for both sides, said Brown.

Madison Howe, a political adviser for a company in Lansing, said she believes Cruz will eventually overtake Trump. “If you really look at the numbers and the remaining states, Cruz has a legitimate shot at overtaking Trump for the Republican nomination. For myself, I don’t particularly side with either party, but I can seriously see Cruz getting the nomination over Trump,” said Howe.

“I love the way the race is turning out. It makes it more exciting,” said Talbot. “In past elections, there would only be one Democrat and one Republican at this time. But with this election, there are still five candidates who can all win. It’s good for politics.”

Watching the Wisconsin Primary with a bunch of other educated people was a great experience, said Brown. “As I was talking to some of these people, it made me change up some of my views. They’re all so educated.”

Howe said this race will be one of the closer races in recent memory.

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