What’s left for Bernie Sanders?

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Owen Lee

Owen Lee

By Dimitri Babalis
MI First Election

As the campaign’s approach late March, the country begins to get an idea on who will be representing the Republican and Democratic parties.

According to CNN.com, Hillary Clinton has almost double the number of delegates that Bernie Sanders has for the Democratic nomination, but his supporters continue to stick by the man they believe is best suited to run their country.

Richard Vadasy is a first-time voter and he is sticking with Sanders.

Vadasy said, “I personally agree with just about everything Bernie stands for. I’m not one of his ‘I want free college so I want him to win’ supporters, but I actually want him to win.”

“I consider myself a realist, so I know Bernie’s chances of winning are slim, no matter how much I support him. After he won Michigan I thought things were really going to turn around for him, but then he was swept on the second Super Tuesday,” said Vadasy.

As for what Bernie Sanders needs to do from here on out is very simple according to Owen Lee, who is also a first-time voter and Sanders supporter.

Lee said, “He just needs to stick to his ideas and beliefs and try to win the majority of the northern states. That’s what he has to focus on.”

There has also been discussion around the political world on who the Democratic nomination will choose as his or her vice president.

Could we possibly see Clinton and Sanders team up with each other and take a shot at the election this upcoming November?

First-time voter Wyatt Johnson believes that Sanders could help gather some votes for Clinton.

Johnson said, “I believe his consistency as a senator is an admirable trait that many want to see in a vice president. It would also allow the youth vote to support a Clinton presidency.”

Vadasy said although he is not the biggest Clinton supporter, he would be thrilled to have her choose Sanders as her potential vice president.

Vadasy said, “Well if he did accept a vice president invitation, I think the Democrats would win the presidency in a landslide.”

“Hillary and Bernie both poll better head-to-head against Donald Trump. I would like it if he would accept because maybe he could push Hillary to try and pass some reforms that are more towards his views,” Vadasy said.

Either way, Johnson says, Clinton might be ready to take on the role of President of the United States of America.

Johnson said, “She has the skills and experiences necessary to compromise on policy and I believe she is more likely to accomplish goals than Bernie.”

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