Traffic safety initiative is enforced on major intersection

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Psychology sophomore Greg Brachna said he has personally witnessed car accidents on the intersection of Hagadorn Road and Grand River Avenue.

Entirely East Lansing

EAST LANSING,  – The intersection of Hagadorn Road and Grand River Avenue has caused many accidents, and now the East Lansing Police Department will pursue measures to correct the issue.

“We looked at our data from the past five years and thought we should focus our efforts on where most accidents happen,” said Detective Lieutenant Scott Wriggelsworth. “We had three intersections that were in the top 20 and Grand River and Hagadorn was the top one.”

Wriggelsworth said people tend to not focus at this intersection because they get impatient waiting for the light to change.

“It’s a two minute light, and people try to beat it because it’s so long,” Wriggelsworth said. “I think some of the actions are due to drivers sitting at the light on their phones, being oblivious as to what is going on around them and they just go without seeing pedestrianson their bikes or walking.”

The law firm Michigan Auto Law looked at county traffic statistics from 2013 and found that East Jolly Road at South Cedar Street, East Saginaw Street at North Homer Street, Abbot Road at West Lake Lansing Road, and East Saginaw Highway at North Waverly Road are the top other major intersections in the area to be careful on as well.

Psychology sophomore Greg Brachna said he has been through the intersection of Grand River and Hagadorn plenty of times and has witnessed car accidents there personally.

“One time, I saw someone was heading north on Hagadorn,” said Brachna, 20. “I was at the stoplight and I was about to turn south. Then all of a sudden, someone got t-boned in the middle of the intersection. Everyone had to start driving around the crash and it was just a mess.”

Sales associate A’T Welter  from Replay Entertainment Exchange on Grand River said that as an employee near this intersection, he has seen and heard many stories about accidents occurring there.

“One time, my friend said they witnessed a head-on collision and said it was a disaster,”  Welter said. “Also, I’ve definitely noticed the sub-par driving styles of people coming through there. I think with the new enforcement though, it will probably make things a little bit better.”

Wriggelsworth said that this monitoring of Grand River and Hagadorn should be beneficial in the end.

“Five to six cops will be working it each day, so it should reduce the number of accidents because when people see cops, they tend to abide by the law,” Wriggelsworth said. “When the statistics come out next year, we’ll be able to see if there’s any changes in the number of accidents.”

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