To wake up, one must drink up

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By Nakea Paige
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

Wake up Lansing, or at least try to.

Every morning, we all have the struggle of getting up out of bed and getting the day started. From turning off the alarms you set for every 10 minutes, to downing all sorts of energy drinks throughout the morning.

Some people just need a simple cup of coffee and a fresh doughnuts to get their day started.

Doughnuts from local bakery Glazed and Confused located in downtown Lansing

Doughnuts from local bakery Glazed and Confused located in downtown Lansing

Celina Mann, who describes herself as an avid coffee drinker says that she can’t start her day without it.

“I get cranky and nothing will make me happy until I get my coffee. My step father knows to have a fresh pot brewed every morning, not just for me, but for him too,” Mann said.

With so many coffee and doughnut shops throughout Lansing, one place that normally has a line to the back of the store is any local Quality Dairy.

With coffee brewed fresh about every five minutes and doughnuts shipped in fresh every morning, people tend to flock to these locations for their morning fix.

Elaine Hunter, a cashier for Quality Dairy, has been an employee for 10-plus years and has seen her share of coffee. Hunter says on average the workers at QD are brewing pots of coffee every 5-6 minutes.

“Our busiest hours are between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. Sometimes we brew by the pot but when we see is picking up, we brew by the gallon and pot,” Hunter said.

Working for a popular coffee stop, Hunter has seen her share of regulars and has seen the connection between coffee and donuts.

“I would say I have about 30 regular customers who just love coming in and chatting with me. The normally get their regular coffee and some sort of sweet snack in the morning and go about their day.”

There has always been a debate on whether coffee can help or harm you.

There were two articles posted last year on the effects of caffeine, both posted by prestigious universities.

One fact sheet posted by the Behavioral Biology Research Center of Johns Hopkins University says that too much coffee-drinking does have risks over time such as addictive behaviors and withdrawals. This fact sheet mentions all sorts of things that can happen if you drink too much caffeine in general but coffee was the most prevalent within the sheet.

On the other hand, there is an article posted by Harvard University Professor Dr. Rob van Dam, states that there are no serious harmful effects of coffee drinking. Within the article he gives his suggestions on ways to reduce any possible health risks, like switching to decaf for pregnant women, or using certain method to reduce cholesterol.

Until the doctor says otherwise, enjoy that cup of coffee and have a great day.

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